Counselling Services

The Norwich Centre offers counselling, workshops and training courses. Counsellors working at the centre are all qualified to Diploma level, or are in training on a Diploma course.

Workshops & Courses

We offer a number of courses and workshops including counselling training from Introduction to Diploma level and Continuing Professional Development for counsellors.

Business Services

Norwich Centre Projects is committed to promoting the emotional, mental and spiritual health of people within organisations by the provision of professional counselling services.

Leave The Norwich Centre a legacy

The Norwich Centre plays a key role in providing an affordable and highly professional person-centred counselling service.

It also stands as a beacon of hope to the person-centred community around the world.

At a time when many services are having to compromise their integrity to gain funding, the Norwich Centre remains completely independent, with the help of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers – and you, our supporters.

By leaving us a legacy you can invest in the future of the Norwich Centre, and the futures of the 300 clients a year who come to us for help.

You can choose either to leave a specific sum of money, or to make what is known as a residual legacy which means the Norwich Centre will receive the remainder of your estate, after any specific bequests have been settled.

If you have already made your Will, you can still include a bequest by executing a Codicil to your Will.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you.

We are very grateful for your support in leaving us a bequest, whether or not you choose to let us know your intentions.

If you do let us know, we would like to keep in touch with you with news about the Norwich Centre.

We like to feel we have strong relationships with all our supporters and to keep in touch with you through the year with our regular Newsletter and other information specifically for our supporters including invitations to events.

Call us on 01603 617709 or email us to find out more.