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Events at The Norwich Centre

The Norwich Centre currently have the following events planned.

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Emeritus Lay Canon Professor Brian Thorne is one of the world’s leading person-centred  scholars and (until his retirement as a therapist in 2005) an innovative practitioner of the approach.  He is the author of a much valued study of the life and work of Dr. Carl Rogers, co-author (with Dave Mearns) of the best-selling (and much translated) ‘Person-Centred Counselling in Action’ and the writer of many other books and articles in the fields of therapy, education and pastoral theology.

Now in his 84th year, Brian has taken the decision to take to the road again while health permits and once it is safe to do so.

Brian has been busy during lockdown writing an autobiographical memoir ‘Journey Homewards’ in poetic prose, soon to be published by the Norwich Centre.

This powerful new work, besides giving revealing insights into Brian’s early years and his subsequent experiences as a schoolboy, army officer in Cyprus, student at Cambridge, schoolmaster and academic has important sections on the significance of family and friends, the practice of counselling, the challenges of spiritual accompaniment and the daunting prospect of an unknown future.

Once it is possible to do so, Brian proposes to offer a new presentation to groups in colleges, universities, churches and professional bodies that may be interested in his work and life, both past and present.

He will give readings of Journey Homewards together with further personal reflections with the chance for participants to pose questions and to enter into discussion on the implications of his work for personal, professional and spiritual development in the times ahead.

All proceeds from the tour will be donated to the Norwich Centre which is a charitable foundation and does not receive financial support from the N.H.S. or local authorities, thus ensuring its autonomy and continuing independence.

Brian co-founded the Norwich Centre in 1979 and it is currently celebrating its fortieth year as a full-time service, the only such service in the world, we believe, which, throughout its lengthy history, has been wholly committed to the person-centred approach to counselling, counsellor training and spiritual exploration.

To express your interest in hosting one of these events for your group or organisation, please email and we will be in touch once it is possible to arrange a visit. Details of your group and its interests, along with potential numbers would be welcome.