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Placements for Counsellors in Training/Post Qualification Counsellors

We offer placements to those on a BACP Accredited Person-Centred training course with whom we have an agreement.  Locally the only course that is BACP Accredited is the Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling at the Norwich Centre.  You can check whether or not a training course has BACP Accreditation on the BACP website.  If your course is not on the list, then it is not accredited by BACP.

We receive dozens of enquiries about work and placements, and regret we are unable to respond to everyone.  We are grateful for your interest in our Centre, and we hope you will understand that whilst we wish to support and encourage those training and starting out in a career as a counsellor, we must use our time and resources carefully.   Details of any current vacancies can be found here.  If you are considering writing to us, please make sure you understand our requirements, and enclose an sae or an email address.   We will not respond to enquiries from those who clearly do not meet our requirements.   We also appreciate correctly addressed enquiries, which show the enquirer has a genuine interest in our Centre.