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Our Services


The Norwich Centre provides professional counselling to individuals and organisations and we have a new service within The Norwich Centre called Youth Connect.


What is counselling with Youth Connect?

Counselling is confidential, free of charge and lasts for up to 10 weekly sessions.  Our counsellors aim to provide a warm and supportive space where you feel safe and free to explore your thoughts and feelings at your own pace, in your own way and without being judged.  Counsellors will not advise you or tell you what to do, but they will help you explore your options for yourself.   Sessions are held at the same agreed time each week.  If you can’t attend a planned session, please do let us know in advance wherever possible.

Who can access Youth Connect Counselling?

Young Adults, aged 18-25, who are struggling with mental health.  We particularly welcome enquiries from people who would not typically feel able to access counselling for a variety of reasons, particularly young people who are often identified as ‘harder to reach’.

How do I apply?

Call us on 01603 617709, text us on 07985 124442 or email and let us know that you want counselling with Youth Connect.  We will just need your name, age and a contact number so that we can get you booked in for you initial session.

What happens next?

We will send you a date for an initial session where we can fill in forms, find out a bit more about each other and agree a regular time for counselling.

The initial appointment is for 30-45 minutes, main sessions are 1 hour.

Please click here to view a short welcome video to The Norwich Centre.

For more information about this service or to book an initial session with Youth Connect please call us on 01603 617709 or email



Visiting The Norwich Centre - 7 Earlham Road, Norwich, NR2 3RA

The Norwich Centre is at the top of Earlham Road opposite the Catholic Cathedral and near the junction with Paragon Place.  Look out for the sign on the wall and the black metal rail gate.  Walk up the path to the blue door and press the buzzer.  Reception will ask your name, buzz you in and ask you to take a seat in the waiting room.  If someone is with you they can come to the door, but not wait in the waiting room.  At your appointment time, your counsellor will come and take you to one of the counselling rooms, then bring you back to the waiting room at the end of your session.

Online sessions with Youth Connect

We can also do the initial appointment and main sessions on-line using our secure platform, VSee.  Please let us know if you would prefer online sessions.