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The Norwich Centre is committed to the exploration of spiritual and existential concerns when these naturally arise as part of the counselling process.

Spiritual exploration at The Norwich Centre builds on this experience and addresses directly the needs and interests of those who are embarked on spiritual journeys irrespective of beliefs or allegiance to particular faith communities.

The work is underpinned by the person-centred approach to human development and relationships with particular reference to the later work of the approach’s originator, Dr. Carl Rogers.  It is also informed by the theology of the medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich, the diaries of the twentieth century Jewish holocaust martyr, Etty Hillesum and the insights of contemporary feminist writers.

We do currently offer spiritual direction sessions at The Norwich Centre.  For more information about this please contact our Admin Team on

We occasionally offer training for those wishing to equip themselves to offer spiritual accompaniment to others.  Currently we have no plans for further courses at this time, however, the theme of spiritual exploration runs through all of our courses.

For information about our other courses please see Our Courses, Workshops & Events.

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